Competing for Ultimate Control

Competing for Ultimate Control

Competing for Ultimate Control.

6 DVDs, more than fifteen hours of video! Simply impressive!

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Competing for Ultimate Control. (6 DVD)


Explanation of the biblical prophecies of the books of Daniel and Revelation concerning the history of the religious world from the first apostles to our days, a detailed description of the political and religious stakes of today, as well as our need to choose the Lord before it is too late.

For those who want to understand the biblical prophecies and are used to biblical researches.


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Universal Conflict (Origin and end of sin)

Peter Lausevic

Are you wondering why the world is behaving the way it is? With local and international violence and crime increasing rapidly, do you want to find out how it all started? Will it ever end? How does it concern you?

Survival Guide (Need for Conversion)
Peter Lausevic

Is there a way of escape from all this appalling circumstances? Who can help us? If there is a person who can help, Who is it and does He have a plan that we need to follow? The good news is, there is Someone who can help us and there is a plan.

Great Empires of Prophecy (Daniel 7)
Liviu Tudoroiu

The prophecies of the book of Daniel are closely connected to that of Revelation. In order to understand the beast of Revelation 13 and its impact on us today, we need to set the stage in by studying how the prophecies of the beasts in Daniel Chapter 7 are fulfilled to the letter. 

The Dark Ages (Dan 7 & Rev 13)
Liviu Tudoroiu

The persecution that Christ suffered continued to be felt by His faithful followers after the cross – Jesus predicted this awful time of persecution. This perception briefly covers the period of the middle ages and the terrible suffering endured by millions of the faithful followers of Christ. Will history repeat itself?

Undercover Agent (Daniel 8)
Peter Lausevic

Would you like to know who is the most intel- ligent, manipulative undercover agent of all times? Who is his target and why? What is and has been his agenda?

Right on Time (Daniel 9)
Peter Lausevic

How accurate are ancient Bible prophecies? Here you will se the longest time prophecy in the Bible and how it foretold the crucifixion of Jesus – over 500 hundred years before it hap- pened, down to the very year! At the cross all hatred and antagonism was heaped upon Christ on our behalf. While working to bless others, He was killed in the process.

Pre-Advent Judgment
Rolly Dumaguit 

In Daniel chapter 8 and 9 we found out about the cleansing of the sanctuary. What is this sanctuary that is to be cleansed at the end of the 2,300 days? How does it affect me?

The Great American Dream
Peter Lausevic

America was born free. But the principles of its Constitution and Declaration of Independence which have long protected religion from state control, and the state from religious control are now under attack. Could it be that America will lead the world in a uniting of Church and State?

Global Warning (Sabbath Sunday Issue)
Liviu Tudoroiu

Have heard the news? Time is running out. Decisions must be made. The greatest test of all time is here. Will you pass the test? You determine your eternal destiny.

The Mark of the Beast
Liviu Tudoroiu

Have you heard about the number 666? What is the mark of the beast that will be enforced through the whole world. Does God have a mark that competes with that of the Beast?

Friend or Foe (Second Coming of Christ)
Peter Lausevic

Is Jesus really coming back? The first time around? Christ came to save the lost and to give promise of His second coming. God’s Word is revealing to us over and over again the greatest, most stupendous event in history. Are we ready for Him? Is He King of your life? Or do we give allegiance to someone or something else?

It is Done (Millennium)
Rolly Dumaguit

The Millennium – is it a thousand years of peace and security? Will we have time then to prepare ourselves for eternity? Or does the Bible teach something more startling? Don’t be too shocked as we discover the true meaning of the millennium in the Scriptures.

Are You Ready?
Etienne Lombard

With all these beasts and threatening things of prophecy, how can we get ready for it all? Are you ready for the culmination of all the prophecies?

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  • Public: All public
  • Depth: 1.4 cm
  • Weight: 210 gr
  • Width: 13.6 cm
  • Language: French (Cover and menus). English with French translation (Content), except last topic, only in French.
  • Height: 19.1
  • Format: 16/9
  • Encoding format: PAL
  • Edition date: 2011

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